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Upcoming Wildlife Tracking Opportunities!

We have a few wildlife tracking opportunities coming up next month that may be of interest:

April 16-17: Wildlife Track & Sign Evaluation with CyberTracker Conservation International

CyberTracker Evaluations serve as an international standard for certifying wildlife trackers. The two-day field test is an excellent learning opportunity and skill-assessment tool for anyone interested in wildlife tracking. Learn more at:

April 25-26: Carnivore Tracking Workshop with Susan Morse

Join award-winning biologist and tracker, Susan Morse, to learn about cougar, lynx, black bear, and other Northwest carnivores. Susan will be teaching about tracks and sign, including scent marking and feeding site analysis. Susan has over 30 years of experience tracking and researching North America's large carnivores. She is a nationally-recognized naturalist and habitat specialist and has been featured in Audubon, Smithsonian, and Nature Conservancy publications as well as on NPR public radio. Learn more at:

April 25: Powerpoint Presentation on Conserving North American Carnivores with Susan Morse

Experience Susan's astounding wildlife photography and unique insights into the field of wildlife tracking. Learn about how citizen participation in grassroots, landscape-scale conservation initiatives can help protect and conserve valuable wildlife habitat. Susan will share exciting stories and information about her research on scent marking and carnivore behavior. Learn more at:

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