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I finished up this arrow a few weeks back. 

Obsidian point weight: 97 grains

Total arrow weight: 503 grains

Hardhack Shaft length: 29in.

Turkey feather helical fletching: 5 in.

Haven't shot it yet.  It doesn't feel right to shoot it out of the recurve.  I gotta make a self bow and start shooting my self arrows.  I won't hunt with them this year but I might in the future.

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Great arrow Steve!

Yeah thats pretty. Is the black stuff some kind of pine pitch mix? I wouldn't be concerned about what bow I shot it out of, but more worried about what I was shooting at...!

Yeah the black stuff is a pitch glue with a ratio of 4 pine pitch to 1 ground charcoal to 1 ground dried deer scat. 

I will shoot it (and 5 of the 6 others I made) out of the recurve into the little shot stopper I have and see what sort of penetration I get (if any!). 

The other shafts I have to experiment with are oceanspray, rose, hazelnut, plum, and black locust.  All the points I have made range from 85 to 100 grains.  All the arrows range from a total weight 360 grains to 600 grains. 


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