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Thought you would enjoy seeing this new bow I just finished. It still needs an arrow shelf and handle wrapping, along with some finish sanding and oiling, but it can shoot now. She's pacific yew, 65# @ 29", 63.5" nock - nock. There is some twist to the limbs, burl sprouts, and a knot that all give her some character. I'm going to name her "China Creek" that's the drainage where I harvested the tree.

Can't wait to hunt with her!


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That bow looks awesome man.  What diameter tree did you harvest?  Do you use a shaving horse when you are shaping the bow? 

Steve, If I remember right that tree was about 8-10" in diameter and I split it into halves. Its really hard finding a yew tree without twists or knots or branches, so some of the trees I've cut down have only yielded staves from one half or 3/4 of the trunk. No, I use a workbench and Jorgensen wood clamps for all of the work.

Thanks.  Good luck hunting with it this year. 

Do you make your own arrows too?

Well I am slowly working on some, and have made them in the past. But for hunting I want them to fly as perfect as they can for the best possible penetration. So I get the arrow shafts from Allegheny Mountain Arrow Woods, they make hardwood arrow shafts, matched grain and spine. And I use Tuffhead broadheads, all according to the Ashby standards, of course.

Steve Nicolini said:

Thanks.  Good luck hunting with it this year. 

Do you make your own arrows too?

That's awesome Preston.  How narrow did you get the tips?  Did you use overlays on them?  Is it center shot?  How narrow did you get the handle?  I'm working on an osage bow right now.  Going to go for a pretty heavy draw so it won't bounce off a bear or elk.  

Tips are 1/2", no overlays - never done that. Its pretty close to center shot, especially for a selfbow, but not close compared to factory bows. I made the handle really narrow and deep for that reason, trying to get it somewhat center shot. Where'd you get the Osage? Show some pics when you're done.

Have you read the Ashby reports? You don't need to make your bow too heavy a draw weight. With the right arrow setup, he showed how you can achieve the same penetration with a 50# bow as a 90# bow. Better to make it a weight you can shoot accurately and focus on your arrows. Check out they have all his reports.

Interesting... no I haven't read those but I have heard something like that before.  Never seen that website, super cool.  Can't wait to read through it.  Thanks,



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