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Alright, another handful of pics from an outing to some local bridges around the Snoq. Valley.


1)What species?  Which feet?

2)Which feet? What species? If you want something for scale, look close for the tracks of a little deer mouse that ran through the frame.

3) What species? What gait?


4) What species is this?  Why do you think so?

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Hi Filip:


1) Snowshoe Hare / Right front (top), Right hind (bottom)

2) Bobcat / Left front (bottom), Left hind (top)

3) Townsend's vole / Trot

4) Mink / asymmetrical arc of the toes, shape of the toes, amount of negative space in between toes and pads, shape of claws and their proximity to the toes. I'm also assuming the tracks are near water since they're under a bridge.


Have a good one,


A clue for # 1.  You can just about cover one of the toes with a dime.  Sorry there is nothing for scale.


A clue for # 4.  Note the angles of the outer toes.

is the first one a dog??


Yes, the first one is a dog showing the 5th toe!

1. Domestic dog. Right front at bottom of the frame, slayed, and right hind, in an overstep?

2. Bobcat, left front at bottom of the frame and left hind above it.

3. Vole trot.

4. Not sure about scale on this one, but the arrangement of the pads makes me think it's a rat. Black or Norway? Other than contextual clues (black more common in rural settings, Norway in urban), I'm not sure how to distinguish the two.  


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