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 Howdy ya'll,

Here is a quiz on species from the desert southwest.  Good luck!

1.  Who?

2. Who?

3. Who?

4. Who?

5. What is this? 

6. What time of year was it?

7. Who?

8. Who?

9. Who?

Another example of #9.

10. Who?

11. Who?

12. Who?

13. Who?

14. Who? (hint this is a very common mammal in true desert environments in Southern California)

15. How many species can you name in this picture?

16. Who? (location: Texas)

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Replies to This Discussion

1 small weasel

2 llama

3 mole

4 gray fox

5 frozen ground

6 winter

7 badger

8 k rat

9 gopher

10 red fox

11 ringtail

12 skunk

13 frog

14 ground squirrel

15 theres a frog and a shrew and something else in upper left i cant tell

16 armadillo

how terribly wrong was i?

1. baby cottontail

2. bighorn sheep

3. broad-footed mole

4. black-tailed jackrabbit 

5. frozen coyote pee

6. winter

7. hog-nosed skunk

8. kangaroo rat

9. pocket gopher

10. red fox

11. ring-tail

12. striped skunk

13. red spotted toad

14. white-tailed antelope squirrel

15. I see a frog, pocket mouse and some kind of bug

16. armadillo

1) kangaroo rat (or maybe a small rabbit)

2. pronghorn

3. pocket gopher

4. jackrabbit hind foot

5. morning

6. summer

7. skunk front foot

8. kangaroo rat and another small rodent (smaller tracks at top)

9. skunk

10. kit fox

11. ringtail

12. striped skunk

13. toad (incredible detail!)

14. ground squirrel

15. ground squirrel, mouse, human, shrew

16. I'm guessing armadillo

Good job Kim.

1.  is a baby rabbit 

2. is a bighorn sheep

5. is a chunk of frozen coyote pee

7. is a skunk but what kind of skunk?

10. is a red fox, kit fox is a great guess without scale in the photo

14. is an antelope ground squirrel


#7 looks different than the spotted or striped skunk tracks I have in my area. Since it's from the desert, I will guess hognose skunk?

#5 - that's cool! I was thinking it was jackrabbit pee that had solidified some clay - baked in the sun. Just the opposite! It was frozen. Neat! 

#14 -  I should have thought of that one. They have antelope ground squirrels where my mom lives in Arizona. It was definitely not a tree squirrel species. 

#1 - baby rabbit tracks! That is so awesome!! Love it. 

You are correct, #7 is a hognosed skunk.  That was from an eval in Big Bend, TX.  We had 4 skunk species and tracks of a bobcat killing a ringtail.  One of the coolest evals that I've been at.  

That would be amazing! Did you get pics of the bobcat killing ringtail tracks? Awesome!

Yes I did.  You can see more pictures of that eval on my facebook page in the album "Big Bend Eval".

That's awesome! Thanks for posting it. 


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