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1) The bird track is from an American Crow, who does the other track belong to?

2) What is the sex of the animal?

3) Who?

4) Gait, is this the normal gait for this animal?

5) Who?

6) Left or right foot?

7) Who?

8) Left or right foot?

9) Who?

10) Gait?

11) Who?

12) Who?

13) Who made this?  hint-full of blackberries....

14) Who?

15) Why?

16) Who left this?

17) Who?

Good luck!

J. Stellers

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Hey Kim,

I asked Mark Elbroch about #8 and he agreed that its a left front.  I think the most distinctive thing is the shape of the heel pad, especially the leading edge.  On bear tracks there is always a flat spot at the top of the heel pad under toes 3 and 4.  That is a very reliable feature to look for.  Do you see what I mean?


What makes 10. a pronk? is it because of the obvious direction change shown from the dirt picked up from the hooves? Because other than that I see a lope, of course if I was able to observe the rest of the trail my answer might change. Or is it not a lope because the front foot wouldn't land last but second to last if it was a lope...?

j. stellers said:

great job Guys, below I will post what I believe are the answers.

1- bobcat

2- overall size, teardrop shaped toes, more negative space between toes and pad on hind foot, more negative space between toe pads on hind foot, and toes are longer than wide

3- jumping mouse

4- bound

5- tricky....the size is at the top length for dipper 1 15/16.  Dipper tracks are more slender than robin who have bulbous toe pads.  The tracks were also found near water.  I would say dipper...

6- right

7- bear

8- right

9- deer

10- pronk

11- muskrat

12- bullfrog

13- raccoon

14- squirrel...

douglas squirrel front tracks 1- 1 1/4 inch in length x 1 inch wide

toe one typically registers in tracks

digital pads often connect with the palm pad

Gray front 1 1/4- 2 in L x 5/8-1 3/8 in W

toe one rarely register

large doug or small gray?

16- coyote, squash

17- me....

I still think #8 is a right foot.. I see the flat spot underneath toes 3 & 4 (counting from left to right)


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