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Here is some additional stuff from Florida.

1) What species left these?  What direction?

Here is a close-up...

2) What species left this trail?  What kind of gait is this?

3) What kind of creature created this sign at the edge of a swampy creek?

4) What species left this clear track?  What sort of animal left the ridge in the upper left (same as the maker of the previous photo)?

5) This animal created this track from the soil it picked up between its toes and on the fur at the edge of its foot.  What species does it belong to?  Which foot?

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Replies to This Discussion

1. snapping turtle, bottom to top

2. snake, rectilinear

3. crayfish

4. great blue heron, crayfish

5. raccoon, right hind foot

1. pond turtle

2. Rattlesnake rectilinear

3. crawdad

4. Great Egret

5. Looks like coon RH


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