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More good stuff from FL.  See what you make of these...

1) Who? Which direction?

2) Who?  Be specific...

3) Who?  Name all the species here...

4) Who?


6) Who? Be specific...

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Its been a long while on this one, so I will give the answers.

1) Left to right.  This is the trail of a gopher tortoise.

2) This is the armored carcass of a gar, most likely the spotted gar.

3) The 2 dominant species in this photo are the huge great horned owl tracks, and the small raccoon tracks.  Also, the little ridges of soil are made by ants.

4) These are the tracks of the Hispid Cotton Rat.

5) Most likely the tracks of the eastern screech owl.

6) Tracks of the marsh rabbit.  Notice the splayed toes, and webbing between the toes.  The small tracks of a peromyscus species can be seen in between the tracks of the rabbit.  The small bird track in the lower right is most likely from an American robin.

1) some kind of turtle

2) some sort of predatory fish

3) raccoon, owl, earthworm, not sure who the feathers belong to

4) hisppid cotton rat

5) owl

6) lagomorph - not sure which species
Never been to FL. These are neat. 


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