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Here is some fun stuff from Florida.  See if you can figure it out..

1) What species?  What direction?


3) Who?

4) Who?  What sort of sign is this?

5) Who?

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1. question.. .what is this near in the landscape?

2. bounding eastern gray squirrel? 

3. millipede?

4. group of feral pigs  wallow? 

5. huge flicker right foot? toes 1 and 4 not registering fully cause usually longer?  

note..questions 2 and 3 are switched. 

1) Not sure.  Can't see it too good.  Some sort of reptile or a coot.

2) big millipede

3) chipmunk or small ground squirrel (do they have those in florida?)

4) looks like it might be a hog wallow, but maybe something to do with alligators.

5) looks like woodpecker.  but maybe it is a 2 inch long front foot of a huge frog.

I don't really know any of these.  How did I do?

1. Armadillo, direction bottom to top

2. millipede

3. squirrel, maybe eastern gray

4. feral hog/wild pig, rooting sign - feeding and digging for food

5. flicker track


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