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Hey ya'll,  I'm working on my bird journals and I can't find a picture of a Northern Shrike track.  I've checked all the usual places (Elbroch, Moskowitz etc.) plus the internet.  I know that morphologically they are passerines, but I'm not content to draw a generic perching track.

Any help or pics would be appreciated!

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My understanding is they are on the ground very rarely.  Of the time I have watched them, I have only witnessed one bird land on the ground only very briefly.  It did not even try to walk or hop, but took off from the same spot after picking up an insect.

You can make it a challenge for yourself to find Northern shrike tracks.  Perhaps on our eastside trip we will observe some of these amazing birds...

Thought about your query while in the desert and ....

I almost got some shrike tracks while out in the Mojave desert in CA in March.  I sat with a Loggerhead Shrike watching it for over 20 minutes, as it hunted from a perch in a cat-claw acacia.  There was sand all around it, but it never hit the sand and ended up moving to another perch after a long sit. 

It was neet to see how it eyed the passing juncos with interest and almost made a grab for a dragonfly from its perch.

I asked Mark Elbroch and Casey Mcfarland if they had ever seen Shrike tracks and they both said no...  The quest continues

Hey Man.

I've never seen shrike tracks but I've seen a dead shrikes feet and they are typical wimpy perching bird feet. Not at all muscular looking. That's all I know about shrike feet.

Hey Phil... do you have any pictures of those shrike feet?

Hey Connor, unfortunately I don't have pictures. It was a pretty mangled roadkill and I did not have a camera on me.... 

why would you not have your camera and ruler ready....

It was good to see you at the eval.  Great Job!

Okay, at last we have some shrike tracks.  Not clear, Ted observed the bird making these.

Landed, turned and flew away.  Left a nice wing mark, too!


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