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Check out these sweet tracks we found in the ODC yesterday.  Can anyone tell me who made them?

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how big are these?  what is the gait pattern?  Stride?  Trail Width.....

I think they are aplodotnia. Looks like the front foot has big claws, and the rear foot looks like a mini hand.

A+ Mr. Specialist!  These are just the second dontia tracks I've seen.  Pretty rad.  Nice job.  

I saw these that morning and put a couple lines around them hoping someone would spot them. Did you see them before or after?

I didn't have much time to look at them and was genuinely stumped. The heel had this split that almost gave a single track the superficial appearance of a small frog with two hind feet facing out. But the rest of the features made me sure it was a mammal foot. Whose foot remained a total mystery. Aplodontia!! I'd never seen them before. They are as weird as the foot itself looks..

Also noticed a vole and a bird I could not identify right in that same spot.

Cool Rob.  I was wondering who circled these.  There were a bunch of jumping mouse tracks in there.  I think thats probably what you were seeing as a vole.  A lot of similarities between vole and jumping mouse.  

Those are really nice. I've never seen their tracks in person before. Cool find. Last week phil and I found an aplodontia living on this little point of land jutting out into the ocean. It was really cool, and one of the few places I actually found them down here.

Looked in the field guide. They definitely were jumping mouse tracks. I'd never seen those either.

Well, now you've seen both! 

Great find!  Love seeing Aplodontia tracks.  Have only seen them a few times every.  Usually the substrate where they live does not leave very clear prints.

Good finds!


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