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Tracking Quiz from Eastern WA.  The first photo is from a dry, dune system.  All the rest came from wetland or wetland edge habitats.  That should help you narrow down the possibilities.

1) What 2 species left their tracks here? The large, older tracks are about 4 inches long.

2) What species? What is the upper/lower part of the shell called?

3) What species left this scat? Scat is just under inch long (each piece) and was in a shallow, cattail lined pond.

4) What is this? What species is it from?

5) What species was plucked of its feathers here?

6) (Same as above) Where on the body did the red feathers come from? Which side of the body is the black feather?

7) What species left this trail? Only half is visible, and it is emerging from the water.

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1. raven and beetle

2. Actinemys marmorata. Plastron and carapace 

3. Uh... the turtle? (A living one, of course.) :)

4. Egg case. Actinemys marmorata. (Neat find!!!!!)

5. Acorn woodpecker

6. Red - topknot on top of head. Black - the left side.

7. Actinemys marmorata

Nice job Kim.

1) correct

2) Pacific Pond Turtles are rare in WA, and limited mostly to a small area in the Columbia River Gorge.  This is from the much more common Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii).

3) Muskrat pooping on my live trap. :)

4) Yes, egg shells but again from Painted Turtle.

5 & 6) Red-winged black bird.  The red feathers are from the shoulder patch (epalets).  The Black is a left primary.

7) Painted turtle again.  Wish we had the plentiful pond turtles you have in your area.


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