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Hey, how about another quiz.  Maybe some more people will respond to this one.

1) When is the best time of year to graft trees?

2) List 3 Nitrogen fixers.

3) List 3 soil nutrients that comfrey accumulates

4) What is cob made of?

5) Name a fruiting understory tree?

6) List 3 perennial vegetables.  What is the main benefit of growing perennial vegetables versus annuals?

7) At what angle is the sun from the horizon in the Pacific Northwest in winter?

8) Which walls should have windows in them in order to achieve the most passive solar gain?

9) What is more important in the cultivation of plants: soil structure or soil nutrient?

10) What role does natural history play in design?

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Replies to This Discussion

1. spring

2. clover, alfalfa, black locust

3. potassium, iron, phosphorus

4. grass and mud and love

5. apple

6. potatoes, rhubarb, beets... not having to till every year?

7. 45 degrees

8. southern

9. structure

10. natural history plays an important role in design

how did I do???

Connor, Great work. You will be knighted someday.

You got most of them right.  Number one is close to correct. It is late winter very early spring.

4 is sand clay and straw

5 would be a crabapple but not the cultivars.  Paw paw and edible dogwoods are good understory trees

6 beets are biennials, so that one is kinda right

7 the angle of the sun is only at about 22 degrees in winter

10 Could you please elaborate?


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