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What do you think about this oven?  What should its name be?  Someone said it looked like Jabba the Hutt.  Another said it looks like Totoro from a cartoon I guess.


What is your vote?

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It looks like a fire-breathing Owl

I think if we are going with the owl theme, I would put a vote in for Archimedes.

Filip Tkaczyk said:

I think if we are going with the owl theme, I would put a vote in for Archimedes.

Archimedes is nice... it is very sophisticated, however, and when I look at the oven I don't think medieval philosopher/inventor. 

Actually... Archimedes was originally an ancient greek philosopher/inventor

A very interesting means of moving water ( is named after him. I wonder if this device could have a place within the permaculture setting...

Furthermore, there is a pretty cool invertebrate fossil ( that bears his name.

All that talk about pizza is making me hungry!

Perhaps something less formal, like Archi ... for short?

Archi, pronounced ar-chee or ar-kee?  I like ar-chee. 

I think the owl was medieval.  

I am sure that the archimedes screw can be considered an appropriate technology in the appropriate setting.   

Arch-ee (or ar-chee).

The name popped into my head from several places, but first from THE SWORD IN THE STONE cartoon.  But also from the Greek philosopher/inventor, and from the name of the flying ship in THE WATCHMEN (which happens to look like an owl face also).


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