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I was recently asked by a friend, "How can I apply Permaculture to Wildlife Tracking?" 

This question came after a bit of a discussion/debate about whether or not permaculture is applicable by someone who doesn't have "land." 

People think of Permaculture and they think of gardening and land design.  Gardening is NOT permaculture.  Permaculture is most often applied to gardening, but all it is is a set of protocols used for making decisions. 

It can be applied to marriages/relationships.  It can be applied in creating an office space.  It can be applied in governance.  It can be applied to anything and everything, including Wildlife Tracking.

So I answered her question with this:  The problem is the solution.  When looking at a track (and trying to solve the problem of which animal made the track), the track itself tells you which animal made it!  Nothing else is needed.  Observe and interact.  Observing the difference in color/sharpness/depth/weathering of tracks is what allows the tracker to age the tracks.  The interaction comes into play when the observation tells the tracker that the tracks are fresh enough to follow. 

There is a quote by Bill Mollison: "The difference between a good farmer and a bad farmer is applied observation." 

I dare to say that the difference between a good tracker and a bad tracker is applied observation.

There you have it folks, Permaculture applied to Wildlife Tracking. 

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