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This time, let's focus on winter.  Find some natural elements in the landscape around you that represents the magic and beauty of wintertime and take some photos of it. It can be a macro, portrait, landscape or any other approach you feel is most interesting and makes the best statement.

Post you best ones here. 

Here are 2 of my recent favorites:

I look forward to seeing what you post!

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  Love your perspective on both shots. The 'whitefrost' exemplifies the true cold of winter. Your first shot is bleak and stark, the second, with it's earth tones is a bit warmer. Both are excellent studies for this challenge. A most welcome warm spell has things here a little thawed, but I'm looking forward to participating in this challenge. 

  The permissive guidelines of your challenges make them very inviting. Thank you for your effort to make them interesting and FUN !


  Our weather changes a bit here. This scene was taken with a pocket point and shoot camera as I was on my way to work in Nov. 2012. 

Here's one I took last winter in Yosemite.  I liked how the shape of the cow matched the mountains.  And how cold and desolate of a place this was.  

Sam, I love your pictures soft quality.  It adds to the image in that it makes it feel almost abstracted as if slightly inspired by "a starry night" by Van Gogh. The tracks through the snow tell an interesting story.  Although the image is of a snowy city-scape, something about the yellowness of the light makes me feel warm.  Perhaps the memories of past wintertimes when I came in from cold streets that looked very similar to that, and was welcomed by a fire in the fireplace and a big mug of hot chocolate.

Connor, your winter scene is powerful.  The bleakness of the image really helps bring the attention to the potential harshness of winter.  Love how, as you pointed out, the shape of the dead cow reflects the shapes of the mountains beyond.  Something about this image really pulls me in, makes me wish I could walk into that landscape and explore it.  This image is a great counter point to Sam's image above.  Is that looking West towards the Sierras?

It was actually just a valley, sort of a bowl in the Sierras.  There were mountains surrounding almost all sides.  I think the photo is facing south.  Beautiful place.  


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