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Since springtime is an excellent time to see amphibians of all kinds out and about, this 2nd photographic challenge will be for you to get a photo of an amphibian.  You can compose the shot close up so that you only see the animal, or even just part of the animal.  You can compose it so that you see the amphibian in the context of its world. 

Whatever your approach, get a great shot of an amphibian and post it here.

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Here are some shots of amphibians from last spring.

  Love these colorful little guys. This is from this spring's morel season. 


I love the little red eft!  Such a perfect orange color.  I think if I saw one of these and found some morels, it would be a perfect day. :)

I like the contrast of this little newt with the more subdued dead leaves and bark.  I am sure it blends in more during fall, when the leaves are at their brightest and most colorful.


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