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I have decided to start a monthly photographic challenge to all those interested in nature photography.  This challenge is inspired by the fun of the tracking quizzes in the tracking group. 

The best way to learn photography is to take photos.  Lots of them!

This month, your challenge is:

Photograph something natural near where you live that is relatively mundane or common place.  Photograph it in a way that brings attention to it.  There are no limits to how many photos you take for this challenge, but try to limit the number of photos you post here to 2 or 3.

We can discuss your process, ideas, editting, composition and everything after wards.

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Been a while since anyone has responded to these, so here is some photos I have taken for this challenge.

Here are some photos from a urban wildlife area that I feel very grateful for.  Its a total of about 55 acres, but it has a real abundance of wildlife throughout the year, and has a high diversity of bird species that live and visit there.  It is an island of wild surrounded by the urban jungle in Seattle.  Photos are worth a 1,000 words and all of these tell a complex story.

  I enjoy the little wilderness/nature area that surrounds my home in Southern WV. I also enjoy taking pictures. I was thrilled to find your challenges and will try very hard not to wear out my welcome.

  This little garter snake was very docile ... until I tried to pet him! He became VERY animated, VERY quickly. :)


Sam, You are very welcome here!

I like the contrast of the harshly angled crush rock, and the sinuous and more flowing lines of the garter snake.  I look forward to more photos from you!  I will post some more photo challenges soon...

You are lucky to live near a little wild area.  I think places like that are essential to keeping us feeling connected.


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