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I am always looking for new projects to share with children.

I have tried making bow drills, cordage, and other natural things. 

I think my very favorite project I have done with kids is making a raft out of logs in the summertime.  The best part about it is seeing if it will float with the kids on it.  And laughing from the shore when it sinks.

What is your favorite youth project?

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I like making these little floating ball toys.  I'm not sure what the proper name for them are.  But you take something hollow like a piece of knotweed stem, have one end open and one end closed (like at the node) then carve a little hole in the side so that you can blow into the end and air will flow out of the side.  Then you need to find a little round gall (golden rod galls were perfect for this back east).  Then you hold it level and blow into the end so that it forces air straight up and if you put the gall on there just right it will make it float and spin around in the air.  It is a super cool little magic trick.  A picture would be worth a thousand words in this situation.  

Here is a diagram of the floating ball toy.

That is perdy neat.  I never heard of the floating ball toy.  It must seem like magic to the kids.  I might try that sometime.

I will probably do that at night by myself.


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