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I really enjoy observing the relationships between different predators and their prey. 

My favorite is probably the pigmy marmoset hunting insects high in the treetops. 

I also thoroughly enjoy watching the sundew in my room eat flies and mosquitoes.

Here are my top 5:

1) Pigmy marmoset hunting insects

2) Ducks eating slugs

3) sundew eating houseflies

4) Buttercup eating sunlight

5) Cooper's Hawk hunting songbirds OR Peregrine Falcon hunting pigeons

What are your favorites?

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Oh, this is a fun one!

If we are talking about things we have witnessed, then here is my list.

1) Coyote hunting Uinta Ground Squirrels

2) Sidewinder rattlesnake waiting in ambush for kangaroo rats

3) Peregrine Falcon hunting pigeons

4) Black-shouldered kite hunting voles

5) Brown Pelican diving for fish

I think my all time favorite is praying mantises eating hummingbirds.  Never seen it in action though.  

Merlin to Dragonfly

Marten to Squirrels

Cedar Waxwings to flying buggies

Shrew to Caterpillar


only seen a couple of those, not all of us as lucky and patient as you fil

Killer budgie attacks!

Torin, I think seeing a Merlin snatch dragonfly out of the air would be pretty amazing.  I think many of my best observations were in large part do to being in the right place at the right time.  I think that helps a great deal.  Also, just playing the observation game as frequently as possible also helps.  The more quality field time you spend out there, the higher your chances of seeing something epic.

Peregrine Falcon vs. Pelican

Excellent one, Jeremy!

An here is the photo of that very event we witnessed:

That was a crazy, crazy day of bird watching!  Peregrine Falcon vs. every passing bird!

Cat: "That's right budgie... come a little closer.  A feint within a feint, within a feint... Yesssss"

Torin Tindongan said:

Merlin to Dragonfly

Marten to Squirrels

Cedar Waxwings to flying buggies

Shrew to Caterpillar


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