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Here is another quiz for ya'll.  Hope

1) What is the fastest animal on the planet?

2) What is typically the first plant to flower in springtime in western WA?

3) The world's largest fleas are found in the fur of what PNW creature?

4) What's the fastest mammal in North America?

5) Why do burrowing owls often collect and place bison/cow droppings around their burrows?

6) What northwestern mammals re-ingest their fecal pellets?

7) What might a Douglas' Squirrel intensively gathering bedding materials for its nest indicate about the weather?

8) Does the amount of moss on a tree indicate north in the PNW?

9) Which woodpecker species spend the most time on the ground?

10) What is the typical size of a male cougar's territorial range?

11) What are 4 common urban dwelling wild mammals that are found in Seattle?

12) What benefits do garter snakes and toads bring to your garden?

13) How many toes does a bobcat have on its front feet?

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1) Peregrine falcon (diving)

2)  Beaked Hazelnut Male Flowers (January).  These are the first flowers available to honeybees.  I guess that is still winter.  Daffodils pop in Feb. but are not native plants.  Salmonberries flower in Feb/Mar. 

3) I have no idea... Black tailed deer?

4)  Pronghorn antelope

5) They use it in their burrows too.  It might mask their scent from predators like coyotes and bobcats. 

6) Rabbits and beavers

7) The weather is going to get hecka cold

8) Not reliably

9) flickers

10) depends on the age of the male.  younger have smaller ranges.  50-150 square miles

11) opossum, raccoon, rat, and grey squirrel, and maybe eastern cottontails.  I have seen eastern cottontails in shrubbery in downtown seattle.

12) They eat slugs

13) 5


How did I do?

Changing my answer on 3 to beaver

1. peregrine falcon

2. spring beauty

3. mountain beaver


5. to ward off parasites

6. lagomorphs and beavers

7. cold weather

8. NO!!!!!

9. flicker

10. 50 square miles

11. norway rat, black rat, raccoon, opossum, deer mouse

12. poop

13. 5

Here is the answer to # 5 in video form:


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