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Being able to observe wildlife that is hidden in a landscape is a vital skill for naturalist to learn, and to hone.

See how many of the animals you can find in these images.  Some are relatively easy, while others are more challenging.

1) Find the 2 deer hidden in this image.  What other wildlife sign do you see?

2) What desert survivor is hiding in plane sight in this landscape?

3) What 2 large mammals are hidden in this image?  What are they doing?

4) Find the fringe-toed lizard.

5) Where is the rattlesnake hidden?

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Thanks that was fun!

Thanks Connor!  Glad to hear it. 

Did you notice the mistletoe in the image with the deer?  Believe it or not, that is a form of wildlife sign in this area.  The presence and location indicate the likely dispersing agent of the mistletoe was a phainopepla:

Phainopepla at ALL ABOUT BIRDS.

This bird actually gleans practically all of its water needs from the fruit of mistletoe!

Thats cool, I didn't know that about phainopeplas.  swoOOt! (thats my phainopepla call)

Be careful with that call, because I heard if you call one in and it lands on your head and poops... a mistletoe will grow out of your head. 

Just jokin'!

Here is a photo I dug up of a Phainopepla I photographed a few years back.


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