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I really like owls.  Especially ones with short ears.

I am interested in observing short eared owls.  Does anyone know of a place in Cascadia where I can do this?  Or how about just informing me of Short Eared Owl habitat and I will start looking on my own.


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One of the best locations I have heard about through the grapevine regarding seeing short-eared owls is a place called Fir Island, which is up in the Skagit Wildlife Area near Mt. Vernon.  Here is a video from that place:

They appear to like open, grassland habitats especially near wetlands (fresh or salt water).  They are also found in grassy areas in Shrub-Steppe regions.  They are ground nesters.

Here is another great video, this one more informational.  And, although more on owls in the UK, it still gives some helpful information:


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