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The story of invasive species is a complicated one, and the transitions that occur when a new species shows up where it was previously unknown is still something we understand very poorly.

Here is an interesting example of one study that looks at adaptations to new predators:

What are some implications you find interesting from this study?

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It seems that the Conboy frogs are equipped to survive! Since the spotties have been removed from 95 percent of their former range, I wonder why they have been reduced to THESE specific locations. Has Conboy Lake always been producing quick frogs? Are there a low number of Bullfrogs in that region? Although the Black River frog does react, it seems he is moving into the attack! Ouch.


You bring up excellent questions!  I'd actually like to visit the lake myself, to get a on-the-ground sense of what its like.

One thing seems to be underlined here, and that is, diversity (in genes, in behavior, in awareness/assessment) always for survival in the natural world.  Diversity is key.  It is a reminder as to why its important to learn to look close, make good observations and record diversity not just in a variety of species, but the diversity present in a single species over its entire range...

Good food for thought!


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