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I want to hear about your animal encounters, listen to your stories, and tell you mine! 

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for example, the other week i was walking on the college green in athens, when i saw a silhouette of a bird fly out of the corner of my eye, and thought- wow that looked like a raptors flight, then i hear a screeching call, i followed the bird and didn't get close enough to see details while walking normally and burdened with two guitars, so i set them down.

Then i watched a coopers hawk intimidating a squirrel by opening it's wings and walking along the branch towards it!, another c hawk flew down and pushed the first away to a different tree, i was watching and listening and eventally saw that there were 4 in total. 

and one point a couple of them flew above me displaying beautiful barred undersides, i singled one out that was on a low perch and slowly aproached it.  i sat and watched it look around and groom itself for a while then after switching perches a  couple of times and i repeated the process, enjoying its presence it dove down to the ground and walked around a tiny bit, this was blowing my mind, then it flew back up and perched right above my head, not 6 ft away.  after a bit if flew right over my head, towards the others.

i followed them and spooked all 4 from a nest in a catalpa tree, i had found their nest!

It was a fantastic experience over the course of a couple hours and i hope to observe them again.

your turn


That is an excellent story!  It sounds to me like these Cooper's Hawks are juvenile birds.   The behavior with the squirrel is a good example of juvenile behavior.  An adult Cooper's hawk would chase and likely capture a squirrel.

Regarding my own recent wildlife encounters...

I got to watch a red-tailed hawk getting mobbed during a birdsit experience.  The red-tailed was first announced by Steller's jays.  Then a handful of crows.  The surprise, was seeing a adult pileated woodpecker flying in and almost pecking the hawk on the head as it flew by!


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