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So ive been doing some reading about this plant called jewel weed. Ive read that this is the plant to find if you have been stung  by a bee or poison oak or in my case stinging nettles. During my walk around with Jason knight we looked at a small plant out by the entrance to alderleaf and i cant remember if it was yellowdock or jewel weed,either way it helped my sting that i had. So if one were to get stung by nettles , what plant grows near nettles that can help me?


                                                                                        thanks again, Jerry


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The plant was very likely dock (Rumex sp.).  Jewelweed does not grow on the property, though it does grow nearby.


Dock, Plantain (common and English), and jewelweed are all great for stinging nettle.  Stinging nettle leaves themselves work for stinging nettle stings.  Plantain is great for bee stings.  Jewelweed is the best for Poison oak.


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