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Just a fun little quiz for all of you out there. See if you can identify the plants in these photos. Give the common and scientific name, if you can.

All of these plants are from Alderleaf campus. If you are an Alderleaf student, please also tell us about medicinal and/or edible uses of these plants or interesting facts about them.

Plant # 1

From Alderleaf April 20, 2009
Plant # 2

From Alderleaf April 20, 2009

Plant # 3

From Alderleaf April 20, 2009

Plant # 4

For this last photo, see if you can tell me more about what is going on in the photo. Use your trackers mind and eyes and see what else you can spot.

From Alderleaf April 20, 2009

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Since no one has responded to this quiz in sometime, I will answer this quiz. Hopeful it will help you to learn to identify these plants more easily in the future.

1) Pacific Bleeding Heart. This distinctive heart-shaped flower is easily identified.

2) Common Horsetail. This is the flowering top of one of these prehistoric plants.

3)False Lily of the Valley. This smooth, shiny, heart-shaped plant carpets the forest flower of the PNW.

4) Western Trillium. Flowers are often white or pink. Parts in 3s, 3 petals, 3 sepals, 3 leaves.

1. bleeding heart

2. horse tail

3. false Lilly of the valley

4. ? not sure


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