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Here are some fun questions to consider. All of these refer to plants found in the USA.

1) What plants are best for use on cuts? 

2) Which plants work great on sprains and bruises?

3) Which plants can help stave off colds and flus, or help you get over them faster?

4) What plants are useful for minor burns?

5) What's your favorite medicinal plant, and why?

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Replies to This Discussion

1. yarrow

2. boneset

3. yarrow

4. jewelweed

5. yarrow.  I used to make yarrow tea for folks in college when they were getting sick.  It worked so well!

I'm very curious to hear other people's responses to these questions.

1. yarrow

2. comfrey, arnica

3. turkey tail, red cedar, organ grape, red velvet konk, and slippery elm

4. yarrow

5. Red Cedar- its the tree of life great for medicines and wild fire kits


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