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If you've ever wondered if you could eat a tree, you should do some research on the White Pine. The inner bark can be roasted or fried to be eaten. Look at They have a good article about it here.

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Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are several trees that can be utilized in survival situations as a food source.  Cottonwood cambium is one that was favored by several Native groups.

Tree cambium is also utilized for food by a variety of animals.  Most obviously, by black bears in early spring.  At this time, bears find it difficult to find other foods in abundance, and tree cambium is rich in sugars and starches.  Trees showing feeding sign by bears are a common sight near the Alderleaf property.

Donovan, do you see much bear feeding sign on tree cambium in your area?

Has anyone figured out how to make pine bark palatable?  I think boiling in several changes of water, drying, grinding into powder and making cakes with it might make it ok.  I see people mixing it into cookies or other baked goods but I'm curious about how to eat it by itself like in a natural living situation.  


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