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Plant Identification Quiz # 1

Just a fun little quiz for all of you out there. See if you can identify the plants in these photos. Give the common and scientific name, i…

Started by Alderleaf Wilderness College

2 Feb 15, 2014
Reply by Richard Robert Taylor

Medicinal Plants Quiz # 1

Here are some fun questions to consider. All of these refer to plants found in the USA. 1) What plants are best for use on cuts?  2) Whic…

Started by Filip Tkaczyk

2 Feb 15, 2014
Reply by Richard Robert Taylor

How are you fighting off the cold and flu season?

Wow, it's that time of year once again , colds and flues are going around in full force! How are you fighting it off? Are you falling victi…

Started by Georgieann Lilgreen

0 Nov 14, 2013

What are you eating this spring?

What are your favorite edibles this spring??? I have been hoarfing down salmon berries.  Also found a patch of delicious evergreen huckleb…

Started by ConnorOMalley

1 Jun 20, 2013
Reply by ConnorOMalley

Eating biscuit root

Does anyone know how much buscuit root you can eat raw?  I ate some (Lomatium canbyi) last week and it tasted like there might be oils in i…

Started by ConnorOMalley

0 Mar 13, 2013

Edible Pine Bark

If you've ever wondered if you could eat a tree, you should do some research on the White Pine. The inner bark can be roasted or fried to b…

Started by Donovan Gronowski

2 Mar 13, 2013
Reply by ConnorOMalley

stining nettle remedy?

So ive been doing some reading about this plant called jewel weed. Ive read that this is the plant to find if you have been stung  by a bee…

Started by Jerry Strand

1 Apr 5, 2011
Reply by Filip Tkaczyk

foxglove or mullein ?

How can one tell the diffrence between foxglove and mullein this time of year when the flowers are not in bloom? I hear alot of people get…

Started by Jerry Strand

1 Mar 25, 2011
Reply by Filip Tkaczyk

Ethnobotany for Psoriasis?

I'm looking around for plants that can be used to treat psoriasis, I'll post back if I can find anything.

Started by Keith

4 Jul 19, 2010
Reply by Ian Orion Lee-McKinley

Edibility Relative To Soil?

The following passage is vague, but troubling. It is from A Sierra Nevada Flora by Dr. Norman Weeden, Professor of Plant Genetics at Montan…

Started by Bob S.

5 Mar 19, 2010
Reply by Keith


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