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Spring time is booming with bird songs.  What songs have you learned this spring?  I find myself remembering and re-learning many new birds each year.  It is really helpful for me to write down the birds I've heard.  Some exciting ones from this year that I've heard are:

Black-headed grosbeak

Warbling vireo

Western wood pewee

Wilson's warbler

Yellow warbler

White-crowned sparrow

Cedar waxwings

Pacific slope flycatcher

Willow flycatcher

Band-tailed pigeon  

What about you?  

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Nice list.  Here is a few others I have heard in the area around Alderleaf.

Western tanager

Barn Swallow

American robin

Swainson's Thrush

American goldfinch

Purple Finch

European Starling

A few more:

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Brown Creeper

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Northern Flicker

Violet-green Swallow

Nice Gabe.  I haven't heard (or consciously heard) a brown creeper this year.  I'll have to listen to a recording of their song and then pay better attention.  Haven't heard a nuthatch in a while either.  Sweet.  

Connor, your list really helped me narrow down some calls I was previously having trouble with. So thanks for starting this thread. I also heard some golden-crowned kinglets this morning if you want to keep the list going.

Nice, I can hear a willow flycatcher singing outside right now.  All flycatchers (including phoebes) have this short two part song.  I really like learning patterns where you can lump a group of birds together.  If someone feels overwhelmed by the birds of western washington right now, they should start by learning white-crowned sparrow, song sparrow, and swainson's thrush.  Those birds are so common and singing all the time.  It would be cool if someone could rank the most commonly heard bird songs for beginners... so people could go down the list and learn the most common singers first and work their way to the more obscure.  

What about the MacGillivary's Warbler and the Olive sided Flycatcher!  I also have been hearing wichaty wichaty wichaty Common Yellowthroat.  And eurasian collared doves.

And there is this King fisher that flies east and west all day.  When it flies west it has these little fish in its mouth.  I like when birds make their calls with stuff in their mouth because the call is so muffled.  Its like us talking with a mouth full of marshmallows.

I also hear golden crown kinglets singing in the doug firs at my buddies little league games.

I heard a sharp, short rising whistle the other night at about 10 30 pm.  I think it was a juvenile owl of some sort but not exactly sure.   


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