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There is one bird out there that outpaces them all, its the feathered equivalent of a guided missile and is unpeered in the air.  Its the peregrine falcon.  Here is an amazing showing an example of just how skilled they are at high speeds and how fast they can be:

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video is rad. i showed a friend of mine who loves the peregrine falcon and he said he had seen the video before...of course. but he also said that they fly that fast like badasses because they have to take pray out of the sky like sky to sky combat...pretty cool.

Also, i wanted to say that the Great Blue Herons are nesting right now and i went to the Heronry just outside of the Ballard Locks and there were prob over 50 Great Blue Herons nesting!!! quite a site to see!!! i'll prob go back to see how they are doing.

I have had the pleasure of watching a peregrine falcon hunting and taking prey in the air several times.

It was certainly awe-inspiring! There are some good places to watching them around Seattle. I believe we have between 4 and 7 pairs of them nesting within the city. Maybe more at this point.

As for the heronry, that sounds awesome too! I have not been there when they were nesting yet. I would love to see that.


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