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Name this creature. Also, if you are up for the challenge name what species of animal is has captures as prey.

This predator was located by listening to the language of the birds. Intense Stellar's jay, robin, towhee, junco and song sparrow alarms led us to this little critter. It never ceases to amaze me how big of an alarm members of this family can cause in the forest.

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This is the oldest bird quiz in the lot, and with no replies for months I think its time to answer.

Steve, I know you know this one! There are several more quizzes to play around with. Feel free and jump in if you are interested.

This is a northern pygmy owl that Steve and I spotted consuming a vole. The false eye spots are distinctive of pygmy owls. Unlike most owls, pygmy owls don't have much a facial disc to speak of and so that implies that they do not rely on their ears as much as other owls. That is not to say they don't use their ears, but given their head structure it is likely that pygmys' hunt in large part via sight.


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