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1. Who? How old?


2. Who?


3. Who? What sex?


4. Who?


5.Who? What sex?


6. Who?


That is all.

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1. juvenile anna's hummingbird

2. no idea... warbling vireo

3. female grossbeak

4. gray jay

5. male tanager

6. greater yellowlegs

Great quiz!  Howd I do?!?

You did real nice Clark. Real nice.

All were right except I believe #2 is a Ruby-crowned kinglet even though it looks a lot like a Vireo. I had a better photo of this bird but posted the wrong one. What makes me think it's a kinglet and not a vireo is the eye ring doesn't extend all the way to the bill like it does for the vireos. This one was my bad for posting such a crappy pic.

And #6 is a Short-billed Dowitcher

Ah yes thats cool about the eye ring.  Didn't know that.  Can you tell me how to i.d. #6 as a short-billed dowitcher?  Thanks! 

Here's a red-eyed vireo for anyone that wants to see a comparison.  The eye stripe goes all the way to the beak.  


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