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Identify all the species pictured here and answer any additional questions...

1) Who? What is distinct about this creatures feet?

2) Who? What age? Why is the eye look cloudy?

3) Who? What other bird can this bird's tracks be confused with?

4) Who?

5) Who?  What's distinct about their tracks?

6) Who? What is a stealthy behavior these birds can exhibit when approached closely by a predator?

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1. American Coot. It's feet aren't webbed and the toes are very lobed so that they can walk on land more efficiently.

2. Adult Red-tailed Hawk. Just a guess, but maybe it's eyes are cloudy so that it can block out the sunlight while hunting?

3. American Pipit. Another guess but it's tracks are similar to a sparrow's?

4. Snowy Egret. Possibly a juvenile since the legs aren't all black yet.

5. Greater Yellowlegs. I chose the greater over the lesser since the bill seems to be twice the size of it's head.

6. Female Green-winged Teal. Guessing this since the head looks rounded, it appears really small in the photo and the white patch on the rump.

Correction: #6 is Pied-billed Grebe (just came across it in Sibley's). When predators approach, it dives under water

3. I've confused pipit tracks with horned larks but larks tend to run and pipits tend to walk.  So use stride length.

6. Pied billed grebes do this CRAZY and creepy sinking thing where they stare you in the face and just slowly sink straight down like a submarine never to be seen again.  No bubbles... no reemergence... nothing.  They are just gone forever.  


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