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Here is amazing series of photos that captures this amazing moment of a bald eagle catching a European starling.

As to why the starlings would be caught so easily by bald eagles is mysterious to me.  Generally, bald eagles are not seen a threat to starlings, given that starlings are much more maneuverable. 

What do ya'll think about this?

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maybe the starling accidentally got too close to the eagle or its nest, and the eagle was more strategic in following it, or maybe the eagle injured it while perched so the starling was disoriented or too injured to maneuver away

I recently learned more about this whole picture series.  Apparently a local farmer had put out some kind of toxic seed, which the starlings consumed. 

It made them act erratically, fly more slowly and in general be less responsive to danger.  Although I do believe an eagle could catch a small bird like this, I think it is very unusual.  Birds like starlings are very maneuverable and can fly circles around an eagle in the air unless the eagle is stooping.


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