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hello is it possible to survive in an extremely arid desert like area's of the Sahara desert where there is nothing but sand dunes for miles with no tools, water, or supplies?

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yes, but the question was more about rocks to practice dew  traps than anything.

I would say in one of the sandy areas of the sahara would be a good example, can rocks be found easily in these locations?

There are several problems with using dew traps in the middle of the Sahara in a wide expanse of sand dunes...

First, dew only precipitates out at a certain temperature.  Specifically, it must get cool enough for water to condense out of the air and settle on to the ground/vegetation.  In some desert environments, this can only happen at certain times of the year, because the air may not cool enough in the night to allow dew point to be reached.

Second, in an extremely arid environment, there may be very little humidity (meaning actual water in the air) to participate out in the form of dew.  Dew tends to form in desert environments mostly along the coast.  The most famous example of this is in the Atacama Desert (the worlds most arid desert), where in certain areas it has not rained for decades!  There is a thin strip of the Atacama Desert where warm air rises from the ocean and deposits dew on the vegetation almost every morning.  You can watch a great video of this in the PLANET EARTH series.

Third, in the middle of a large expanse of dunes you are not likely to find many rocks.  There are, however, a great diversity of desert environments in the Sahara, some with a mixture of sand and rocks.  That being said, dew collection might be problematic because of the 1st and 2nd reason already mentioned here.

Survival skills are interesting as ideas, but only really reliable if tested and practiced.

so if one were abandoned in the desert on purpose, urine would probably be the source water.

You can only recycle your urine a few times before you start feeling the toxic effects of the waste that is carried in your urine.  Part of the purpose of urine is to carry out waste products such as urea out of the body.

If you keep drinking it, it will make you sick.  Additionally, if you end up throwing up because of the taste of the urine, you will dehydrate even faster.  Vomiting is dangerous when you are already in a situation of serious dehydration.

Some seasoned survival instructors express a strong voice against drinking urine because of the likely hood of it making you feel sick.  There is a reason our body is trying to get rid of it.  Putting it back in over and over again is a bad idea, and will not keep you alive for very long.

if one had already recycled it. could one get an unrecycled source of urine by drinking one's own blood?


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