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Sup all its Cory i am curious About the work around Monroe because i have to take a substantial loan to get their and must maintain a job to pay it off. I am Curious as to whether Alderleaf has a handyman or not  as it would be a great blessing to be able to work for the school as well as attend it i have experience Landscaping,Roofing,Carpentry just Curious? i'm sure i will be able to find work around Monroe as Carpenters are always needed :) 

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Cory, Alderleaf currently doesn't have any job openings, though we do offer some work-trade scholarships to students. The scholarship application can be downloaded from the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of the Alderleaf website. Also, most students have not had too hard a time finding work in the Monroe area. The economy has definitely picked up. I still recommend putting together a resume and reaching out to meet with managers when looking for work.

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