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I Found this plant up on the PCT at the begining of  Rainy Pass on high way 20 a couple of years ago anyone know what it is?

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Yes, that is a member of the lily family known as Queen's Cup (Clintonia uniflora). Though not edible or medicinal (that I know of) it is a beautiful part of our forest floor flora. :)
Oh wow! thank you. I have seen the flower before but have never seen the berry. The berrys color is so captivating to look at. Sometimes it is a little bluish green to teal and seems almost translucent at times... I looked a little but haven't seen anything supporting any medicinal or edible qualities. Thanks again Filip! you rock! :)
Your welcome, Georgie!

It is a beautiful berry. You can always use this website as a resource to get help from your Alderleaf instructors. It would be cool to see more students using it. Pass the message along about this place when your in class. :)

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